I am extremely pleased and proud to unveil the Friends’ website.

I’ve been a patron of the Swampscott Library since our family moved to town in the spring of 2008. As homeschoolers the library has often felt like our second home. We’ve spent countless hours browsing the stacks, enjoying programming in the Children’s Room, reserving museum passes, and keeping the staff busy with our never-ending interlibrary loan requests. I consider the library one of the most important places in our community, an asset to be treasured and preserved for ourselves and future generations.

Collaborating with the incomparable Tom Rogers over the past few months, I’ve tried to make our new virtual home sleek, organized and easy to navigate. Online donation is now possible with just a few clicks on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. You can view the library’s program schedule and export events to your own calendar. You can learn more about the Friends or register to volunteer.

The public library in the digital age is clearly being transformed and reimagined as we continue to integrate technology into our lives. I hope the Friends’ online presence will help guide us through this process while upholding the many virtues of its brick-and-mortar existence.